Politics and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
August 8, 2020
Response to DB 3
August 10, 2020

women and gender

women and gender

– respond to classmate response.

– then draft a question and answer.


do the same like every sundays. 

Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists
July 31, 2020
DB Forum 4
August 2, 2020

women and gender

women and gender

1. Responding to classmate and creating a unique question (1pg)  

2. answering the questions in the attachment (2pgs)

Hello world!
May 10, 2020
Discussion Board Response Forum 2
July 27, 2020

women and gender

women and gender


– read the whole chapter and create a question for the classmates. Note that the answer to the question should not be a yes/no. – then respond to your formulated question. (300 words)       

– there after, answer the below questions. 



1. Would you face challenges in your life and career development by having children outside marriage? Why or why not? Please reference one example from a text to help with your explanation. (100 words)


2.      Why are sexuality and reproduction rights also human rights? What is the role of race in reproductive rights activism? (100 words)


3.      Some people have argued, “Personally, pregnant girls should not be going to high school. If you choose to go off and get yourself pregnant, then like an adult, you should be required to take your classes online from a college and foot the bill yourself. This was YOUR doing, so why should school have to implement ANYTHING for pregnancy? Why should tax payers have to foot the bill because you chose pregnancy? Stay home, have the baby, and then go get an education on your OWN.” What is your response to the argument? Explain. (100 words)