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October 2, 2020
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October 2, 2020

Strategic Management Discussion

Strategic Management Discussion

Client is in Saudi Arabia: so provide examples of corporates in the kingdom of saudi arabia: 


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts learned lessons by responding to discussion questions.


  • Explain the following competitive strategies and use at least two corporate examples: Focus on market niche, low-cost leadership, product differentiation. (150 words)


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The organizations should focus on the market niche because the market niche provides the product features that aimed to satisfy the specific market needs, price range, and production quality that is needed to target. Focus on a market niche helps to get less competition, clear focus, builds specialistic skill, and knowledge.

This strategy helps to make a market lead compare to competitors because of the quality products based on the audience requirement and audience trust in the expertise of specialized service or product providers.

For example,- Pabst Blue Ribbon. as per the market niche and customer demands, they start sponsoring a bicycle racing program to promote the market approach and involve customer involvement.

Powell’s books provide old and new books in its enormous flagship store, and the company embraced the internet as per the customer’s demand.

Low-cost leadership means using an informative system to provide products and services at the lowest price for customers. By offering more inferior priced products and services helps the organization to create their product demands In the market and gain a lead from its competitors. To implement this strategy, the organization should increase its profits by reducing the cost during the charging industry average and increase its share market by managing lower prices for customers.

For example, Walmart and Amazon. This organization provides the lowest price products for their customer by reducing the middle man in their service operations.

Product differentiation is a strategy used to distinguish a company’s products and services from the market competitions. In a product differentiation strategy, the company should demonstrate a work that can do everything, and additional benefits should involve the product that no one else offers. It creates brand value and loyalty among customers. For competitive advantage by product differentiation, the company must continue to deliver value to consumers to maintain customer loyalty.  

For example – APPLE and 3M. Apple’s customer loyalty lies in its creation of familiarity and emotional bond with the brand