DB Forum 3 BUSI604
September 27, 2020
October 2, 2020



will pay as 1.5 pages = 450/-

*textbook pages sent via email. 


You and another student that I assign will be paired up. Each of you will be randomly assigned half of a scenario: one as a Purchasing Agent and one as a Supplier Representative. You will use the WorldClassRoom Groups tool to hold an email “conversation” based on the information in the scenario.

Both parties in the scenario are motivated to do business and would like to find a solution. Chose a negotiation tactic from the textbook (pp. 515 to 516) to implement throughout the conversation. The tactic you choose might be one you are comfortable with or one you would like to test. There is no right or wrong answer or outcome, although you should negotiate for the best terms available to you. You will be graded on your ability to communicate your expectations clearly to the other party, your utility of the negotiation tactics discussed, and written understanding of the material.

Upon completion of the negotiation exercise, write and submit a one and a half-page reflection paper that summarizes your experience.