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Understanding the principles of and guidelines for delegation is imperative for safe client care delivery. The five rights of delegation are:

·         The right task

·         The right circumstance

·         The right person

·         The right direction and communication

·         The right supervision and evaluation

Registered nurses called RNs may delegate tasks to and supervise

·         Other RNs

·         LPNs

·         Aps

When delegating a client care task be sure to consider the individuals

·         Education

·         Training

·         Experience


Nurses conversation


Registered Nurse

Kelly, I need you measure vital signs every 4 hours and calculate the intake and output at the end of the shift for Mrs. Miller in room 402, I would like for you to report vital signs back to me shortly after you take them


Kelly AP

Sure, I’ll let you know her vital signs as soon as I get them


Registered Nurse

Thank you

And Brandon can you reinforce of checking blood glucose levels and foot care for Mrs. Miller she was admitted yesterday for hyperglycemia and non-adherence to her diet and medication regimen her lower extremities also look like she has poor circulation


Brandon RN

Sure, I’ll go over that information with her again ill provide her with a pamphlet we have on foot care and general diabetes management.



1.  Answer and discuss the following questions about the conversation here in the discussion board:

·         What are the key principles that a registered nurse should consider when delegating tasks to other healthcare personnel? What are three tasks that a registered nurse may assign to a licensed practical nurse and three tasks that a registered nurse may assign other assistive personnel?